"Trefferia" coming in march 2017
Published at Bom Dia Books, 214 pages, softcover,
texts in german and english, Offset / Color
Edition of 500
17,6cm x 25cm

Durex Duplo Resterampe 2015
Published at AKV Berlin, 86 Pages, Softcover, Dust Jacket, Offset / BW and Color
Edition of 300
Din A4 format

Peter Woelck Dancing in Connewitz
published at Fantome Verlag Berlin
Editors: Bettina Klein, Wilhelm Klotzek, Gundula Schmitz
160 pages, 22,5 x 14 cm, color print
Texts : Bettina Klein, Wilhelm Klotzek, Peter Richter

Konkrete Oberflächen (Concrete Surfaces)
by Vincent Grunwald Wilhelm Klotzek
published at AKV Berlin
20 x 27 cm, Offset, 52 pages
Edition of 200

by Wilhelm Klotzek and Michael Bonk
56 pages, A4, Laserprint
edition of 50

Individuelle Erscheinungen in der Welt der Deutschen Eisenbahn
by Wilhelm Klotzek
2008, BW Xerox, A4, Edition of 10

Dosen und Echtholzblenden
by Wilhelm Klotzek
22 pages, Glue bound, 18 x 11,5 cm, German text

When the lost places of a rapidly transfigur- ing childhood cannot be inventoried, there are still some materials or constellations that hold memories. In the book Dosen und Echtholzblenden, Wilhelm Klotzek revolves around the building pits of his Hometown (Berlin after 1989), exposing crossing places and blind spots of his subconscious Berlin. Suddenly he falls into an involuntary dialog with a figure, who activates a chain reaction of free association that turns Klotzek’s view of art production with his sculpture works upside-down. (Jo Preußler)